Food Culture / Dream in white

No matter what you prepare in the kitchen from good ingredients and natural foods – the result will never be completely white, neither in baking nor in cooking. Even an egg consists of egg white and yolk. Wholemeal flour is no more “brilliant white” than natural gypsum, lime and clay. The more industrial processes are involved, the less nutritional value remains – in flour as well as in plastering material. This deficit is partly compensated for with artificial colourants. Artificial colourings are supposed to suggest nutritional value and natural qualities of origin, but these are not contained. This in turn can lead to false conclusions and assessments in health issues, because cause and effect can no longer be correctly related, neither in the body nor in the consciousness. In some cases, ingredients are not declared completely or only in encrypted form. The best way – even if not always practicable – is to keep track of ingredients, preparation and target knowledge and to ask the important questions at the right time.

Baking recipe: Dream in white


The high proportion of white reveals that this is a very tasty recipe, but not the healthiest!

Room recipe: Dream in white


For those who prefer to experience the colours of the cake as the surface of the room, click here for more details on walls with natural clay with golden straw and mica or clay with lots of mica.