Steffen Raumkonzepte

With great business away from white emptiness

Fritz Steffen. Managing Director, Federally Certified Master Interior Decorator

What do you think is the greatest added value of the renovation?

The new rooms are a surprise and an immediate “Wow” for everyone – visitors, customers, suppliers. The new composition radiates peace and security. Everyone immediately feels held, welcomed and simply z’fride (satisfied) in Bernese German. As owners, we also feel the same effect among the team members. There is a relaxed, motivated atmosphere. Our customers stay longer and leave with a big smile on their face.

Has the redesign of the premises and the business concept changed the team dynamics?

As mentioned above, it has reduced or eliminated hustle and bustle. The team is proud to be part of what has been realised and also proud to present the result to visitors. We present the products on display more consciously.

What led to the decision to work with Latrace?

We got to know each other at the furniture fair in Cologne through hints / recommendations and introductions of several long-time partners of ours. As a professional in furnishing questions, one is often blind to oneself and limited in the realisation of one’s own projects. Also missing is the farsightedness and the outside view of possible trends in the development of global behaviour. We found all this with Dr. Ines Klemm as our coach and mentor in our project. She challenged us as a sparring partner in the reorientation and created the required holistic approach with the planning and design.

What do your customers say?

There is a great deal of enthusiasm and appreciation for what has been created, be it the new logo or the overall appearance and the new spatial impressions. Unfortunately, because of Corona, it was not possible to create a worthy opening. This would certainly have shown even clearer reactions. On the part of suppliers/brand representatives, we note that they sometimes feel overwhelmed because this way of inspiring customers is not yet known and therefore unfamiliar.

Are there other or new “favourite places”? If so, which ones and what makes them so special?

Yes, we like to move around the downstairs/basement spaces. They have become so homely and radiate safety. We like to sit in the “castle cellar” and have an aperitif. The rustic walls, the hand-woven linen carpet, the multifunctional shelves and the lounge chairs invite us to linger and never let go.

Dear Fritz, thank you very much for the inspiring, versatile and appreciative cooperation with you, Corinne and Res as well as with your entire, competent and always highly motivated team. Thank you very much for your time for the interview.