Inner voice and a jamboree for the senses

Turquoise stands for listening to the inner self as well as for both purification and purity. Turquoise is very rarely found in food and nature. However, it is often used as a colouring agent in cleaning and in detergents because it reminds us of the power of the sun and the purifying effect of UV light. As soon as we immerse ourselves in turquoise, thoughts of faraway destinations, Caribbean beaches, glacier lakes and longings for relaxation, sport and holidays come to mind. In turquoise, blue (sky, distance, foreignness) and green combine. Green is created from the mixture of blue and yellow (earth, sun, self). Depending on the composition and the proportion of light, turquoise appears in numerous shades that provide precise information about the location between heaven and earth. This results in the complexity of turquoise as a colour.

Editorial: Inner self and thriving senses

Turquoise represents the search for truth and wisdom. It masters our thoughts. When something comes down the “wrong throat”, we cannot or will not swallow it. Either clearing and clarification of the situation takes place or abuse occurs by forcing to “swallow” instructions, thoughts or actions. Turquoise is associated with the element of emptiness, in which elements can generate and dissolve. It is beyond form and shape. Turquoise inspires the search for truth and wisdom. If the search remains fruitless and there is no success in overcoming addiction and abuse of any kind, turquoise helps people to escape into surreal worlds and encourages addiction.
Turquoise: Search for orientation
Hearing and the sense of hearing are essential for orienting ourselves in the world and for navigating it. What we can and want to hear is linked to memories of particularly life-threatening and life-affirming situations – consciously or unconsciously. Being in tune with oneself and one’s environment has a great influence on our lives as well as on our decision-making processes. What is my inner voice telling me? Where does all this information come from and how is it stored? When it is very quiet within us or around us, we can, on the one hand listen and reflect deeply within ourselves, and on the other hand we can concentrate better on our surroundings. When this happens, one also becomes particularly aware to sound from outside.

Turquoise: What engineers and yoga teachers have in common.

With a wavelength between 492 – 500 nm, the energy of turquoise regulates the throat area and neck as well as the thyroid gland. In Ayurveda, turquoise stands for “Vishuddha” (Sanskrit: purify). The assigned sense organ is the ears, where the organ of equilibrium is also located. The specific composition of turquoise reveals how light or dark and how close to heaven or earth something or someone is. Engineers, musicians and yoga teachers are connected by a particularly high ability to work with concentration, to listen consciously and to act sensitively from the power of silence and being.

Turquoise: Inner voice, primal sounds and “the man in the ear”

The first sign of life of a baby is the cry. When it sounds powerfully and clearly at birth, new life is in the world. Words like mama, papa and love evoke associations of connection, while words like criminal, robber or war are associated with fear and aggressive trading. Rhythm and sound in combination can lead to trance, for example in ritual performances, and mark deep intervention in and possibly even access to states of consciousness – depending on the ethical application for the benefit of the person or for manipulative reasons. The sound of the names of people, companies and places gives first insights into their essence. Sounds and chants awaken associations immediately. The more technical and higher they sound, the less earthy they are. People with tinnitus complaints will feel a particular liking or dislike for turquoise because, as a colour, it is the visual equivalent for the inner imbalance or an abusive situation that has not yet been fully resolved, which the “man in the ear” acoustically reminds them of.