Dr. Ines Klemm: Bukhara – the boltless -shelving system that can do many things

The Bukhara shelving system by Dr. Ines Klemm is named after the former capital of Uzbekistan.
It was developed out of specific needs, because the steadily increasing number of books and travel treasures required more space – using the same size of wall. The aim was to create more space than other shelving systems would allow for within the same wall dimensions. In addition, the walls were to be displayed to their best advantage as the surface for paints in different colours and the element in the room that determines the wellbeing of its user. This is how the now popular Bukhara shelving system has been created. In an ongoing process, it is continuously further developed and supplemented with elements such as sliding doors and lighting.

You can find more information about Bukhara here.