Recipe of the month – This is what the taste of turquoise sounds like

Baking and cooking recipe

Dessert: Panna cotta au Curaçao, Crumble à la Spiruline, Gelée de Myrtille.
Preparation: Les chefs s’encanaillent Jérémy Boré & Clément Maury.
Sound profile: Sixième Son, Paris – Latrace partner company for audio branding and sonic experience.
Idea, concept and organisation: Dr. Ines Klemm
Event: “Eating by Colour” as part of the Sensory Academy for alumni of the German National Academic Foundation, in August 2020 in Megève, France.

Room recipe

Latrace project: Lachen (SZ), 2015 – Home Office
Wall with Latrace cobalt turquoise adjacent to surfaces in lapis lazuli white and clay with mica and Saxon gold straw.