Border crossings, crossroads, changes of mind – and the search for direction and orientation

Amethyst, purple and violet polarise. That is quite natural, because it is about decision and self-responsibility. In violet you are exactly on the ridge – like a line between life (red) and death (white), instinct (red) and reason (blue), dictatorship (red) and democracy (transparent, green ) and between earth (red-ochre) and sky (blue-indigo). Depending on whether the path leads into ascending white or into earthy ochre yellow and brown, the tonality varies from pale lilac to deep purple violet. In nature, soft lilac-violet is often found in combinations with white, lavender and rosé, sometimes in combination with fresh, bright green. If a person chooses colour combinations with purple and violet, their composition depends on whether they are dealing with themes from the blue area – head and mind – or with contents from the red area – heart and intuition. Violet is highly vibrational and always stands for a high degree of clarification, purity and self-confidence.

From delicate purple to violet: border crossings, crossroads
The range from delicate purple to violet is both a border and a transition. In violet, sky (blue) and earth (red-ochre) combine. Blue violet is soaring, ascending – ground adhesion is missing and roots are loosening. The distance to the earth disappears as does the will to live. Intense blue-violet seeks balance and support by surrounding itself with earth. Delicate purple is intense violet mixed with a high proportion of light. It indicates thoughts of transcendence and whiteness. Lightened purple is a popular hair colour with older ladies as well as a popular colour with people who are in the process of renouncing life on earth, are enlightened or are about to go into the light.
Man and environment: Violet as a connection between outside and inside
Outside and inside are always in relationship and interaction with each other. If something has a meaning, an impulse is triggered. A connection is created. This ability to resonate connects people and the environment. If the meaning is missing, the impulse to create a connection is absent. The connection can be established artificially and externally or naturally by means of self-determination and sense perception. Sense is a component of sense perception. The ability to independently enter into resonance – and thus into relationship – is a special feature of living beings. It gives human beings their being and the talent to realise themselves, to express themselves and to relate to their environment.

Crocus blossom and change of heart
Violet accompanied by green indicates change of mind, which strives for connection. Sense change takes place wherever sense sets the impulse to balance energy. Based on the law of resonance between inside and outside, self and other, human being and environment, movement and dynamics arise. If this union is harmonious, life is created because energy can flow and power is generated. The success of the connection creates an energy surplus, which in turn is the drive and motor for organic growth (green). Change makes sense and sense is a prerequisite for change. Nature lives it for us. After the deep calm of winter, the snow melts and new life sprouts from the earth. White, yellow and delicate purple-violet mingle with bright, fresh green. Seeds on fertile soil in combination with sunlight give rise to new life – as with the crocuses that cover the meadows with their bright colours in spring.

Violets and balancing processes
The colours of nature always show us where energy flows, when and where important processes are underway and how and where their connections and supply routes run. Just like plants in nature, humans interact with their environment. Violet violets, for example, are known for their antibacterial, decongestant, blood purifying, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, diuretic, expectorant, analgesic, circulatory, cardiotonic, cooling, emollient, laxative and sedative effects and have been used as a medicinal plant and aromatic since time immemorial. Violets combine the properties of heady blue and fiery, dynamic red. They are used to cure headaches and acne. If a person lacks a balanced connection between heart and mind – a deficiency in green – violet essences have a balancing and expectorant effect, which is why they are often used for coughs, hoarseness and chronic bronchitis.

Well-being, health, illness
Well-being from a holistic perspective strives for balance and self-determined energy regulation. Physical well-being is therefore more than the health of individual parts and organs and involves the tissue as well as all visible and invisible connections in space and time. Consideration of the physical, mental and spiritual home, origin and culture is an integral part of the inventory. The aim is always to secure and maintain the harmonious relationship of physical body, self-awareness and free will. When all systems are balanced and connected, energy flows. The result is joie de vivre, strength and vitality.

Fig. Triad of well-being: Health – Medicine – Spirituality: With the combination of traditional healing methods, modern medical technology and pharmaceutical knowledge, completely new approaches and models of life become possible. It is time to dissolve the separation of pharmaceutical medicine and holistically oriented complementary medicine, to enter into cooperations and to understand the potential of synergy.

Illness: Risk of success or chance of survival?
Illness in the Western world is often seen as something negative, burdensome and disruptive because it affects us and means both loss of mobility and loss of vitality. The cause of all illness is stress: an energy deficit that occurs when tension, pressure and friction arise due to organ failure or system breakdown. However, illness can also be seen as a process of visualisation, in which an organ or a whole organism indicates in the best possible way and in time that there is a deficiency. Shamans and healers used their knowledge to prevent the onset of chronic or life-threatening diseases in the best possible way by actively and consciously promoting preventive measures. The key to success in strengthening the self-healing powers is the principle of “strengthening strengths”. The prerequisite is a clear goal in mind.

Creativity, concentration, connection
“Creare” stands for create. Creativity connects thoughts (blue) and energy (red). These qualities unite in violet. Dislike and love of violet indicates the relationship to creativity – and thus to creation and goal orientation. The more compatible ideas, values and goals of people and their environment are, the higher creativity and connection success are. Artists, spiritual people and scholars often fail because in their high energy (blue) they lose their grip on the ground (ochre) and the natural earth’s gravity has too little strength compared to the ascent to the heights of the atmosphere. Therefore, dwelling in the violet requires much balance and purposefulness in order to energetically balance the interaction with the environment in a sustainable way.

Alignment and orientation
You will never find the function “Do not enter destination” in a navigation system, because such a system is used to calculate a route to a concrete destination. Real goals are the prerequisite for success. Success is defined as surplus energy, resource and profit. Success can mean: more time, more freedom, more material values, more social ties – simply more of something. Success occurs when connection happens because energy flows. Energy follows attention because it comes from resonance of individual systems – or at least two systems. This is why goal orientation is so important – because all attention, conscious, unconscious and subconscious, is goal-oriented. If one has no goals of one’s own, these free resources are readily used by strangers, which leads to external control. The inner navigation does not ask where the impulse comes from, but follows the active goal input to start the journey in the direction entered: violet, blue, red, green, white, ochre-yellow-gold.