Health coaching, location analysis and goal clarification – scientifically based

Latrace accompanies private individuals and corporate clients in Switzerland and internationally in:

  • clarification and realisation of personal health goals
  • questions of success optimisation
  • Strategy and transformation processes
  • cultural change
  • Design and communication concepts

The TrandingTM method developed by Dr. Ines Klemm enables success- and goal-oriented work. A special focus is on the connection of holistic health strategies with architecture and design, nutritional sciences and innovation management – scientifically based. These transformation processes are accompanied by the versatile Latrace expert network, which includes craftsmen, artists and scientists.

Working method TrandingTM : basic research according to the Archiveda® principle
TrandingTM is composed of tracing (tracing, retracing, redrawing) and branding (brand communication). This integrative approach to value identification is based on the Archiveda® principle developed by Dr. Ines Klemm and the associated scientifically sound colour analysis method.

TrandingTM stands for the relationship knowledge of how the client’s company really works and which values it conveys consciously and unconsciously. TrandingTM conveys the certainty of knowing that “IT” fits. “IT” stands for everything that makes up the relationship between people, brand and possibility space. By means of colour analysis, it becomes obvious how strongly intuitive and rational decisions are connected. If intuition and rationality are – partly unconsciously or unintentionally – in contradiction, a new “link” can be consciously integrated by means of the TrandingTM results. New steps for action can be derived from this.

TrandingTM describes the process of determining the location and setting goals of companies to be founded as well as established companies whose objective is to define, sharpen and live their own inner (brand) values. These values can be communicated to the environment. If these values are perceived positively, customer loyalty can be strengthened in a targeted manner and economic success can be achieved in the long term.

The TrandingTM development process with its focus on fit is holistic. Fit describes the feeling of security in knowing that “IT” fits. Fit occurs when the inner colours of people, organisation and space resemble the outer colours, as can be found for example in marketing appearances, logos, advertising, etc., and are thus on the same wavelength. Being on the same wavelength means living commonalities and thus the same values! Since colours, for example, are an expression of feelings, characteristics and values, they can be used to determine how much we have in common. Colour as an expression of energy states shows where resources, reserves and deficits are.

In a first step, the previous internal and external perception of the company is methodically analysed. By means of colour questions, the conscious perception on the conscious as well as on the unconscious level of perception is checked for fit with the relevant values. The result is an understanding of the extent to which the intended value communication, effect and perception is taking place. The developed company image consciously conveys which experiences, patterns of action and decision-making will be imprinted in the company and its contact persons. With Tranding© it is thus possible to consciously control what effect the company creates in the internal and external perception. By means of a needs and values analysis, the client and Latrace jointly develop the basics of the company’s identity strategy within the framework of a one-day structured and methodically structured workshop.