Recipe of the month – Violett – Aubergine

Bake Cook recipe:
Yotam Ottolenghi’s eggplant with buttermilk dressing and thyme pomegranate topping.

A simply heavenly marriage of eggplant purple, pomegranate red, buttermilk white and thyme green…. for those who prefer to experience what to know about violet in a culinary way.

To the Ottolenghi original recipe, only in german language:

Room recipe
Latrace project: Studio Lucerne – Arriving in Amethyst, Burgundy Red, Aromaputz Plum finely chopped, RAL 060 50 40 – Camel Brown and Occhio Rose Gold.
The requirement for the entrance area of the Latrace Studio is that the person entering should feel and perceive that this studio is all about colour. Latrace stands for colour, well-being and design – scientifically based.The trigger for this conscious “irritation” in the entrance area of the studio was the assessment of Latrace clients that they themselves always notice how much their well-being improves and that their guests also notice that change has taken place in the room, but do not consciously associate this change with the colour and material of walls and ceilings. The reason for this effect is the aura of normality in the colour concepts implemented for clients, because matching surfaces appear “normal” and are neutral – in the sense of energy regulation and well-being.

White and green were deliberately omitted from the studio entrance. Thus, the balance to the violet is missing. The effect is as if buttermilk and thyme were omitted from the Ottolenghi recipe. The viewer’s immediate reaction: “Something is missing!” And because many rooms usually lack all colours except white on the walls, you can get inspired in the studio to see how much more rooms can do – unless you are on a “room diet” of nutrientless white.