Spatial diet – on the nutrional value of white walls?

The whiter the walls are, the more the body is put on a “spatial diet”. Whether white flour or white plaster – the nutritional value is equally low for palate and eyes. The more colourful and material-intensive walls are, the higher is their “nutritional value” for the physical body and a person’s organism as a whole. The more concentrated and pure the content, the clearer and more effective the effect. The differentiated and scientifically based use of colour in a room has the same health-promoting effect as a balanced diet based on consciously chosen ingredients.

As in nutrition, a rethink is required at all levels and from the ground up in building, in order to return to more self-regulation and a sense of nature. Being conscious, living a beautiful life and a real work-life balance have long since become a challenge. Normality is the greatest luxury! Colour is so normal and omnipresent that we often forget how important and nourishing it is. It is only when it is missing and everything sinks into contourless uniform white, neutral grey or even energyless and lifeless black that we ask ourselves: “What is missing?



People regenerate best in free, untouched nature. All the senses are nourished. The colours are diverse and constantly changing – depending on the climate, weather, time of day and season. The more nature is displaced from our daily lives by everyday work, acceleration or the hustle and bustle of the big city, the greater the tensions and resulting stress factors become. Among other factors, these contribute to the more frequent occurrence of allergies and the outbreak of complex diseases. The more time people spend or have to spend in built spaces, the more important their design of our spatial environment becomes.

Colour has the same effect always, everywhere and for everyone. The outward appearance of colour can be designed or mapped based on the inner qualities of something or someone. So a distinction must be made between understanding colour as a superficial quality and property or as the visual description of the inner connections of energy and essence of a person or thing. The more closely the external colouring matches the inner physical and chemical properties of the object or subject, the higher their fit. This is the basis for the conscious creation and use of the effect of colours – scientifically founded.

Stop your “spatial diet” and colour up your walls and life – consciously and scientifically based – with the assistance and support of Dr. Ines Klemm and Latrace.