Dyes, nutrients and “vitamin D/design” in architecture

Theory is good, but in life it also depends on practice! That’s why applying the Archiveda® teachings link to the website and putting them into practice in all Latrace projects is part of the key to success. Holistic colour concepts and floor plans create healthier spaces and more connection between people and their living spaces. Design is the product of technical developments, scientific research and craftsmanship in all areas of design. Visual communication is the link between the three spatial dimensions: Nature, Architecture, Networks.


In the pictured Latrace project in Wollerau, the aim was to turn a newly built house into a real home. Relaxation, warmth and cosiness are some of the keywords in the questionnaire, which was filled out individually by all users of the home as part of the needs analysis. When asked what functions the entrance area and hallway should take on, the answer was, for example, “short stay to put away the wardrobe” and “not really ‘used’, but rather to give a first very good impression when coming home: WOW effect.” The feedback from family, friends and guests that the clients received after completion confirmed that exactly this goal was achieved in the design.