Success lies in the detail – project insights: Meilen

I often get the question: “Why should I redesign a room if I’m not going to use it? My answer is always: “So that you can use the room. The more the purchase prices for living space rise, the more one should ask oneself the question: How much space does a person need to feel comfortable?” Here, space and room are often confused with each other. Space describes the geographical location and provides information about the area. Space addresses the feeling one gets from a certain place and location. Space that is not used is relatively very expensive because it wastes space. As soon as a room is given its purpose, it is always used gladly and precisely for the specific qualities of stay and functions.

In this project in Meilen, part of the design process was that the clients could contribute and bring in something very personal. For example, the existing doors of the lowboard were unhinged and – according to previously agreed colour specifications – individually designed. Art has also moved into the kitchen alongside more colour on the walls. Discussing the contents was not only a lot of fun, but also led to us getting to know each other better. Thank you very much, dear Bea!