Consultation hour Dr. Ines Klemm: Health Coaching

Archiveda®-based health coaching is about moving from “I don’t know what to do. I lam searching for more orientation” to “I am doing great! I approach every day more consciously, awake and joyful!” (Beatrice, palliative and geriatric nurse in the canton of Aargau).

Health coaching according to the Archiveda® principle is becoming more and more popular and in demand because it makes connections between life events and personal well-being conscious, obvious and transparent by means of colour analysis. In coaching, concepts that have a central meaning for the coachee are analysed and discussed. Accompanying colour analysis promotes personal awareness and insight.

In a relatively short period of time, a great deal of clarity is achieved because a kind of “map” of one’s own life opens up, which contains exclusively the discussed contents – and of course all the corresponding colours. Due to the scientific connections between colour, energy regulation processes of people and the environment as well as health, blockages can be recognised from the health coaching work documents, relationship networks can be made visible and – if necessary – re-sorted.

It is primarily about recognising what is so deeply anchored in one’s innermost being that it is too obvious for oneself to be obvious and too different or foreign for others to be able to see from the outside. The realisation that the obvious is too obvious to be seen, as well as the realisation that the personal body memory is much more extensive and differentiated than we can comprehend with our minds, are central features of Archiveda®-based health coaching. The very fact that usually only the realisation is missing that one’s own body is already aware of much more complex interrelationships than our mind, contributes to the immediate implementation, because there is no need to learn anything new, nor is it necessary to follow “beliefs” imposed from the outside. It is exclusively about the development of one’s own personality and the visualisation of previously unused potential. This fact and the directly associated change in attitude towards life triggers deep joy and a high degree of motivation for more self-awareness in all coachees.

The working process usually includes 3 working units of 3-4 hours each. In step 1) we first work out terms and their definitions together. This results in an overview of the content as well as a very personal colour table. This colour table shows exactly which people, places and themes are related to each other. From this overall view, in step 2) it is readable and comprehensible what is connected – via the same conscious or unconscious colour perception – and what one perceived as a connection without the connection existing. In step 3) it is clarified what belongs together and should be connected and what should not. From these insights – combined with the clarification of personal goals – new assignments become possible. These are now comprehensible because they are completely logical and were only not yet conscious or could be recognised.

The time required for coaching is usually 10-12 hours at CHF 250 plus VAT. Coaching hours in a 10-hour subscription cost CHF 2,150. From Archiveda®-based health coaching comes more awareness of your own inner conscious and unconscious decision-making and family patterns. Start the processes now that will lead you to more self-awareness, self-regulation and self-efficacy.

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