Consultation hour Dr. Ines Klemm: SEG Masterclass: Colour Essentials: The impact of colour on personal wellbeing and business success

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“Have you ever wondered what influence colors can have on your mind? Why a red would enrage you while a pastel blue would soothe you?

Dr. Ines Klemm will take us through how exactly color influences our well-being, decision-making patterns, and consumer behavior, and why understanding this can play a major role in branding and finding the way back to a more balanced life.”

Christine Meier-Seiler, Product Marketing Manager at SEG

To explore these and other questions, November 24th SHMS Swiss Hotel Management School has been introducing a brand-new masterclass series on color and the role design plays in the hospitality industry, starting with Dr. Ines Klemm: “The Impact of Color on Personal Well-Being and Professional Success”

Next Global Webinar “Colour and Light”: Freitag, 4. Februar 2022, 10 – 11 Uhr (CEST)