Consultation with Dr. Ines Klemm: Success coaching: Love of success is love of the sun and arriving at home – within oneself

“There are people who make you feel at home from the very beginning. Thank you for your gentle but firm way of reawakening clarity and courage in me.” Coachee

Connection is success

Success occurs when environmental factors, such as locations and viewpoints, climate and fellow human beings, are in harmony with one’s own physical, mental and spiritual powers. This success is the relationship between Man and nature. This connection can be measured, planned and recognised in advance because it has its origin in the principle of resonance. Resonance is based on factors that can be quantified physically by means of wavelengths and chemically in the form of molecular structures. The higher the fit of individual parts, the stronger the connection. To be able to say and feel that you are literally “on the same wavelength” and “that the chemistry is right” stands for connection success. The abundance of matching connections creates the feeling of fulfilment – and thus corresponds to the deeply human desire for the best possible connection, firstly: with and to oneself and secondly: with and to the environment.

If we are wrongly connected or not connected at all, the result is disruption or total failure. The energy we have spent on trying to establish a connection is lost. Everyone knows this effect from failed relationships – professional and private – and from making phone calls. If you want to call someone, it is first necessary to have your own number – the starting point of the conversation – and secondly, to know the number you want to call. The time of day is also relevant if the connection is made across several time zones, and even the climate can play a role in the quality of the call. If there is a heavy storm or rain, it is difficult to understand each other. If the weather and climate are perceived as pleasant, the atmosphere of the conversation will benefit from a good overall feeling.

Establishing a connection with oneself is similar to making a phone call: First of all, you have to know your starting point, your foundation and why you are standing where you are. You also need to have an idea of your destination. The following questions might give you an idea whether you still have hidden potentials to improve your self-awareness:

  • Do I feel connected to myself?
  • How connected does my environment (my company, my friends, my club, etc.) communicate with me and others?
  • How connected do I feel with my environment and in my surroundings (my family, my home, my company, my friends, my club etc.?
  • What connects me with my environment and with my surroundings (my family, my home, my company, my friends, my club, etc.)?
  • How do I recognise, feel and measure this connection?
  • How and in what ways would I reach my favourite people to maintain and preserve the close connection if I had no phone, email, internet or other means of communication?
  • How would I get to my favourite places without being able to travel to them?

Life is change. People, organisations and spatial conditions change and with them viewpoints and locations. Knowledge of the starting position as well as clear goals are the prerequisites for a successful change of lifestyle – professionally and privately. Knowing where you are is encouraging to set new goals, because by knowing where you are coming from, you can deduce what the next logical and possible effective steps will be. If goals deviate, it can be determined within the framework of an orderly design process which resources (temporal, financial, emotional) are needed to achieve them. One can see with one’s own eyes where the journey is going to a) if one steers it or b) if one leaves it to oneself. If the journey is the destination, the goal is missing. If the goal is missing, sense is missing. Sense and sensory perception are mutually dependent. That is why it is essential in anyone’s life to discover meaning. Sensory perception enables the connection between people and their environment, which is the precondition for all types of relationships. A coaching process according to the Archiveda® principle is like mapping the journey to oneself, in which one discovers meaning and the hidden connections that complete one’s personal “map”. This overview paves the way to conquer new goals both professionally and personally in a conscious, clear and safe way.