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Friday, 4 February 2022, 10 – 11.30 a.m.: Global Webinar Series 2 -save the date

Colour – Light – Material: Between authenticity, artistic and artificial reality

Colour and light belong together. They are as inseparable as the connection of light energy and human wellbeing. Sunlight enables all life on earth. Light connects all human beings with their environment based on the law of resonance and rooted in sensory perception. According to Nicolas Tesla, the human eye is the most complex yet least explored organ of the human body. Vision has become the most important sense for survival in the course of evolution of Mankind. While both augmented and virtual reality become part of everyday life, everyone in the field of design, wellbeing and beyond is facing the challenge of understanding what makes authentic and artificial realities grow together and apart and how and why colour, light and wellbeing are linked to these questions.

In this Design Global Webinar, we will discover, explore and focus on

  1. the impact of colour and light on atmospheric perception, user experience and personal wellbeing.
  2. which role light and atmospheric conditions play in the interior design of spaces for forward-thinking people.
  3. the relation of natural and digital colour and why artificial light and sunlight are related, yet worlds apart.
  4. how and why the sense of vision is closely related to innovation and the strategic development of visionary concepts.

If you are interested in shining a light on your artistic and business potential, please join this webinar. If you want to set sparks on creativity and work performance, find out more about keys and tools to success in this talk. We look forward to seeing you soon on screen.

Monday, March 21st, 2022, 6pm: Dinner – Food by Colours. Dorint Hotel Messe Basel