Colour Talks Painting and Picture Competition “The Wonderful World of Chromophants™ and Digifants™


Colour the picture.

Download painting templates and info sheet as zip

Download Painting Template as jpg

Download Painting Template as pdf

Download painting contest info sheet

You can colour in the whole picture or just the parts you like. You can also colour in the several pictures and just test yourself which design you like best. Please let us know the three (3) words that come to your mind. Send everything to us at Latrace:

By post: Latrace GmbH, Vonmattstrasse 42a, CH-6003 Luzern and/or


Please remember that we can only consider complete registrations.

Register here if you also want to become a juror

Our Jury – Jury members

  • Nicole Suppiger, Altbüron, 
  • Gaby Kirchhof, Leipzig
  • Luise Kirchhof, Dubai
  • Bevin Mohabeer, Dubai
  • Dr. Armin Schabert, Luzern


The winner will be selected in a two-stage process.

  1. each jury member selects his or her personal personal favourite picture and decides on the winner.
  2. The overall winning picture is the result of all jury members
    finding the same picture the best.
    the overall winning picture is drawn from the range of winner pictures.

A win for everyone personally and for everyone together because:

…everyone who paints gains time for enjoyment of life, creativity and meaningful occupation!
…those who think about painting the picture also gain all of the above in passive mode!
…all those who look at and read the pictures and the colour analysis of the winning picture in the next Colour Talks Quarterly 2022-02 win – because they will see something totally unique and look at the art of the craft of colouring with totally different eyes.

The personal grand prize: first and only

  • you are the first person to know about the prize and will be contacted by Ines.
  • you are the only person to know what the colours of your painting are saying – if they could tell you themselves. Unfortunately, your colours can’t speak for themselves, so Ines gives them her voice so they can tell you what they have to say. We imagine, of course, that you agree that we will tell all Colour Talks readers about your painting in the next newsletter.
  • Note: The analysis is objective and scientifically sound. It is based on the law of resonance and the principle of cause and effect. Ines has developed a method of using colour knowledge to easily identify and explain in logical steps what the situation is and what a location/condition means. Although this requires a very complex knowledge in derivation, it is all the easier in explanation – because everything is simple, clear and logical – just as you are aware that light is transparent and we always see that it is there when it is bright. Furthermore, the rainbow always looks the same, no matter when and where you are in the world, because the wavelengths of the visible spectrum simply always occur in the same wavelength. That is physics. You know the chemistry of this from photosynthesis: it converts the energy and power of the sun into food for plants – and they make up a very large part of our original environment. Plants are the nutritional basis for all animals and us humans. They convert CO2 into valuable oxygen and simply, completely and naturally shape our environment. So actually you already know everything about colours and know your way around. And if you want to know more about it, you can simply ask Ines about how and why the Archiveda® principle works so well for everything and everyone, because Archiveda® is exclusively about making the logical connections of energy regulation through colours totally transparent and comprehensible for you.

The overall gain: to be involved

  • more pictures for all Colour Talks Quarterly readers
  • to better realise how much we all know about colours – instinctively and cognitively.
  • a lot of joy because 1) it is fun to paint pictures, 2) the jury has a lot of fun looking at your pictures and making a choice, 3) everyone who takes part at all wins, because it is nice to rediscover the joy of colouring, being creative, producing your own pictures and deciding what to paint with: analogue and by hand with crayons, paints, fountain pens, ink, chalk and the like or digital with the ipad pen and mouse.

The best thing of all is that all readers have a huge share in the fact that the ChromophantsTM and DigifantsTM, from now on, can walk together along the same path. They simply understand that they might look totally different – but they want to reach the same goal at the same time. With joint forces, they are heading for the same sun!

Learn more about sun and common ground

And now – of course, more than ever?!
… on your mark, get set, go: print, save, scan, send!

Download painting templates and info sheet as zip

Download Painting Template as jpg

Download Painting Template as pdf

Download painting contest info sheet

… on you go and on to the painting instrument !!!

Thanks – the best of all at the end, because then everything new starts right away.

Thank you all for participating, colouring and sending in your pictures and for telling others about the fantastic Colour Talks Quarterly 2022 colouring and picture competition! This really means a lot to me, Latrace and all the people in need of more colour, connection and joy in their life.