Immersion in distant worlds: Indigo, lapis lazuli and ultramarine

Indigo and blue jeans blue: from luxury good to the most widely used textile dyeing agent


Dr. Ines Klemm: Bukhara – the boltless -shelving system that can do many things

The Bukhara shelving system by Dr. Ines Klemm is named after the former capital of Uzbekistan.


Cura├žao – “Bida Na Kolo” – Life in colour

Interview with my good friend Ray Adamus, born on Cura├žao, qualified expert in NDF anaesthesia in a large hospital in Zurich


Recipe of the month – This is what the taste of turquoise sounds like

Baking and cooking recipe

Dessert: Panna cotta au Cura├žao, Crumble ├á la Spiruline, Gel├ęe de Myrtille.


The language of walls

“What is it like to be inside of it”?

Professor William Firebrace (architect and author), asked us at the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart


Inner voice and a jamboree for the senses

Turquoise stands for listening to the inner self as well as for both purification and purity.


How neutral is white?

White is fullness and emptiness at the same time. For example, it stands for process and transience, forbeginning and end, for peace and purity.

Steffen Raumkonzepte

With great business away from white emptiness

Fritz Steffen. Managing Director, Federally Certified Master Interior Decorator